Who are we and what do we stand for?

The Assistance Dog Training & Education Support Network is an informal voluntary coalition of Independent Assistance Dog Partnerships to gain easily accessible training and education support on a voluntary basis to assist those to aim to keep to the three golden rules, to work towards creating and maintaining:

- A Partnership where the dogs welfare always comes first - it is our view that unless a dogs welfare and safety is considered first and foremost in (force free) training and working then it highly limits the potential that that dog can be trained to mitigate that disabled persons disabilities.

- A Partnership who is aware of their responsibilities as an Assistance Dog Handler, not only to their dog and themselves, but towards service providers and the general public to ensure access is made as stress free as possible for the rest of the Assistance Dog Community.

- A Partnership wants to be part of a community that wants to be actively involved in educating service providers and the general public about those with independent (Owner Trained) Assistance Dogs for a variety of needs, both invisible and visible, and be true ambassadors to show how fabulous our dogs are.

We are NOT a charity.

We believe that we can tighten standards in our community by education and support by those actively working and training and self policing our conduct to encourage the public and service providers to have a positive outlook on independent assistance dog partnerships - but we are NOT looking for new legislation to be imposed, and do not believe a legislative approach to changing the culture within the independent assistance dog partnership community is likely to be the most effective in improving relationships between Assistance Dog (AD) Partnerships, Service Providers and the General Public with training and education support within the community in the most effective and time efficient way.

We would super appreciate it if you could spread the word about what we are aiming for, and contact us through our Facebook page if you are a trainer that would like to support independent (owner trained) partnerships.


Ruby Welsford, Founder

(IMDT, PPGBI, Dog Training College)

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