We believe that anyone who is committed and determined enough to seek training support to train up their own suitable Independent Assistance Dog using a welfare centered approach and kind, force free methods should be able to access appropiate education to do so no matter what their background, age, location or disability to mitagate their conditions that otherwise may present them at a severe disadvantage in accessing a service, for FREE*

* If working with a trainer out of area partnerships may be required to cover reasonable expenses.

How it works?


We offer two potential pathways to work with us, as follows:

Pathway 1:

Partnership contacts one of our volunteer trainers to work with, for free to help select, train, and assess against our nationwide totally voluntary training levels scheme - though many partnerships and trainers find them incredibly useful to celebrate personal achievements, benchmark and record training progress against a standardized 'national curriculum'.

We are working closely with many service providers with the aim to also provide familiarization days for our partnerships to allow them to train and prepare working in normally heavily restricted environments as part of potential work they may have to do due to individual needs of that partnership.


Those that choose to go through this pathway will be able to take the levels for free and receive confirmation of attendance and their training standards from their Supporting Instructor.

Pathway 2:

Partnership Contacts us with a specific issue looking for assistance - we are always happy to help advise on a range of assistance dog related issues and related good practice. Please note though, due to limited resources, we will give people following the above pathway priority. It's not about ego or politics here, we just like helping!


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