Are you an independent owner trained assistance/prospective assistance dog partnership? Training an Assistance Dog Independently bespoke for your needs can feel overwhelming at times - but we are here to give you support if you feel you need it!

Our Story

I am a 28 year old dog trainer from Warwickshire and me and my Assistance Dog Betsy, a Border Collie x Labrador are a proud force free, totally Independent Owner Trained Partnership!


My brain is wired a bit uniquely to say the least! I was diagnosed as Autistic just last year, and also have Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Processing Disorder, Severe Dyspraxia and PTSD. 

I am a fully qualified dog trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, Pet Professional Guild British Isles and an Approved Instructor with Dog Training College. In addition to that, Betsy has been one of the very few individual owner trained Assistance Dogs to be cleared to fly in cabin in the UK alongside me several times in flight on commercial aircrafts. 


In addition to this, before I started my own training business (Ruby & Betsy) I was headhunted by the regional manager of Coventry Guide Dogs Mobility Team to do some short term consulting work, teaching Guide Dog Mobility Instructors, Guide Dog Trainers, Dog Care & Welfare Staff how to use clicker training and force free training methods to teach task work, house manners, husbandry behaviours, public access behaviours and general problem solving.

Since becoming an Assistance Dog partnership, I have got to know many people within the assistance dog community and have good working relationships with both trainers and senior staff of both ADUK and Non-ADUK organisations including Canine Generated Independence.


I believe many trainers and staff in both types of organisations do a fantastic job, but I totally understand and support the fact and personally appreciate that many Suitable Assistance Dog Partnerships are better suited to remaining as an independent partnership with appropriate support with force free training and education in Assistance Dog Etiquette! So thats where we come in!

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